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  • Project Analysis &  Planning at a Fixed Price 
  • Financial Planning  Diligence 
  • Crowd-Scale Equity and Loan Blendng Tools 
  • innovative  Dealing Room System 
  • Access to a Global Network of Impact & Private Investors 
Project Developers:  
Connect with Experts & Industry Partners to help your project meet investor bankability faster. 
The EUNIFI Expert Group  provides  rapid analysis of your project at  a fixed cost and our Technical Diligence process gives direct access to  Impact investors.  
Impact Investors & Private Capital Managers   
EUNIFi  streamlines access to diligence proven projects  and  consolidates offers for early investor review.
Our on-line tools and pre-diligence system offer a uniform approach for responsbile social impact in emerging and developed markets.   
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EUNIFI Press Support

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Fruit Waste Biomass Briquette Fuel Production & Power

Location: Kenya

Developer No: Dev-170914-46

Production of Biomass Fuel & Multi Country Plant…

Investment req: $14 Million USD

Motive Energy Jinga CHP Project

Location: Uganda

Developer No: Dev-210416-70

Uganda Biomass to CHP Project

Investment req: 5,400,000

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EUNIFi consolidates deal flow into portfolios of projects and helps to formulate and structure finance instruments which aggregate investor capital and criteria for earlier financial completion.  
This approach appeals to Investors and advisors  who desire a faster dealflow than existing DFI or Agency can facilitate.
The EUNIFI Platform also appeals to Trade Finance and Technology Providers seeking Energy and Agriculture asset placments in Emerging Markets. 
Investors demand  more robust technical and financial information to aid analysis and build stronger portfolios.
Nothing beats local knowledge and practical real-world experience when making critical long term investment decisions.  
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